Saturday, December 25, 2010

about me

My name is Jessica and this is my blog. Tomarrow i am going to be starting the 80/10/10 diet. i am hoping to loose some more weight, and get healthier. lately i have been feeling tired, depressed, and have had almost constant acid reflux.
          i was also told last month that the only way for me and my husband to have a child will be fertility treatments. i have been going through some of them but having horrible side effects (they even wanted me to go back in for surgery). after that i said "no more." and am going to try to heal myself my way. Because meds don't help they just do more damage.
         I am also tracking my nutrient intake because i have been anemic  for the pat 3 months. so we will see how all of this goes i will try to post everyday. So everyone Merry Christmas. and God Bless